I wrote this poem in 2012, on September 26. I had been divorced for two years, and my family unit was everything to me. EVERYTHING. My family vessel had sunk along with my heart. But I was starting to feel more positive while writing this. My kids (my two treasures) were wonderful, and they supported me as I supported them. I felt like a castaway of Life.

I’m stronger than I thought.
Emotional muscles have grown off my griefs
Working out thru past tears of agony
Drying my eyes with winds of dense distractions
While Life drifts forward, unwilling to wait on me.

I have found a level of happiness without my ship
I focus on the flower petals floating around me
Bright notes of color in the monotonous Sea of Gray
Beyond the Mutiny, I held tight onto my Two Treasures,
As the vessel I thought so wonderfully solid, foundered.

After being tossed on the shores of Hope
Life never offered any empathy for the limp in my step
So I must keep going courageously, not lagging behind…
My children cheer me on, as I ambulate ahead for their sake.
I sometimes look back and realize I’ll never sail there again…

But that’s fine, even without my ship,
I am still the Captain I always was
I’m stronger than I thought.
And if home is where the heart is,
Then home is here, on these warm Shores of Hope.