I was talking with a good friend about what is often said about us atheists, in particular about evolution.

Here it is — “Science is a Religion.”

Holy Mother of Crap! Yeah? Reeeaally? Let’s be clear:
—As per first definition, there is no God to worship within Science.
—There is no organized consensus on any one theory that must NOT be questioned.
—There is no baptism, no clergy per se, and definitely no claim of any holy spirit inspiring scientists to be predictively right.

Now this being said, as far as the second (or third) definition goes, we can concede that many see science as “a pursuit or interest to which they ascribe supreme (religious-like) importance.”
But it’s not because many worship science that science is a religion!

—Science is no more a religion because of those who worship it, than
celebrities are Gods because of the fans who worship them.

Science opens itself to correction. Unlike religion, it’s open to peer review—review that would greatly reward the one correcting any theory!
In other words, the very mechanism of the scientific method negates dogma (a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true).

Consequently, I would like those who pontificate that science is akin to a religion to stop the bullshit, or I will start calling the religious “pedophiles” just because it is an issue within the church.
Generalizing and abusing words is plain foolish.
Religion and Science are two distinct things.

Religion is a conclusion. Science is a process.