“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience…”  ~Mark Twain


Yep! that’s pretty much how I have felt all my life, since I was a kid. My dad worked for the forensic department at the O.P.P (Toronto police) as a ballistic expert. He had the bright idea to show me the “fridge” with severed limbs and heads for investigative references. I was seven!

He must have known me well, because it did not give me nightmares. On the contrary, I was amazed and felt privileged to know more about death, murder, evil, and justice than my peers would probably ever do.

It dawned on me since then, even growing up as a Christian, that death is simply the contrary of life. No evidence for a prelife, nor for an afterlife.  Hence the humorous quote from Mark Twain above.

This gave me purpose. And it’s a good thing because the universe is void of purpose. Emotionally, that frustrates a lot of people’s wishful dreams. As humans, we like to be held and told everything will be alright in spite of ourselves.
—About purpose, again, the universe offers us no purpose.
Does that bother me? Hell no! I give myself fantastic purpose!
I am still in the career I dreamt for myself at the age of 5—and I’m 58!

I was happily married twice and I have two of the most amazing kids I could have hoped for!


We have inherited a bunch of cultural and genetic reasons to be biased. But, I do fight my bias and have achieved many times to overcome and correct myself from it. Hence new biases (ugh), and the battle continues…
I take some satisfaction out of that.

I am in a process, not a conclusion.

—This does not mean I give any old claim some credit.The Gods of our many human cultures, Fairies, Creationism, Flat earth arguments, flying in Heaven playing harps or burning in Hell… all the same level of willful ignorance and hopeful stupidity to me.

Yes, I used the words “hopeful stupidity”. Oooohhh… bad boy! I should be more respectful of delusion… right?—Nope. That helps no one.I’m not troubled at all for not knowing everything.

I’m a curious person, so keeping my curiosity alive is satisfying to me.
—I also avoid to filling in the gaps with supernatural entities. I can say “I don’t know” without blushing.

Yes, I can… try me.

I feel a level of pity for those who think life on this planet is less important than the alleged next life.
—This is my one shot, as far as I know.

Even if I die soon, I have pretty much traveled and accomplished all I have ever wanted, dreamed, and needed—and much more!
How satisfying it is to find purpose and Love thru will and intellectual honesty.

I just hope Peace finds its way eventually…
For that, we need to rid ourselves of the human cancers that are religion and nationalism.

In the meantime, I will have fun exposing bullshit, and also correcting my own.

Be happy!
It could be worse, we could be delusional!
—Wink! Wink! Nudge! Nudge!