The Happy Apistevist

How Do We Know What We Know?


“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”
~ Confucius

Welcome to my site. This is where I post some of my Art, Photography, and poetry. However, I mostly blog about epistemology—how we know what we know—and the context behind our cultural beliefs, our presuppositions, our emotions, and Reason.

The word Apistevist is rather new, and maybe even a bit of a fad—but I use it for practical purposes, not as a label.
It does not define me; it only partly defines my way of processing information.
I want to stress that I am not allergic to the word “Faith”. When interchangeable with the word “Trust”, I too exercise such Faith—just not in the context of Religious or Biblical usage of the word.

I do not question any of the Gods of our different cultures because I first question the writers who claim their existence to be real.
It’s a journey in human progression. Religions have been an important part of it.

My field of a study is of source-verification and openness to self-correction, and I have been corrected a lot on my journey. Any conclusions I have made so far are open to correction upon new and better information.

I wanted to especially thank Aron Ra, who created the Zopdoz logo for Apistevists.
I urge every thinking person to check out his YouTube channel.

To use an expression from my friend Dr. Jones, my journey is one of a process, not a conclusion.  Hence, the above quote from Confucius applies to me first.
Enjoy a bit of this journey with me, sharing your thoughts.

Vincent Deporter